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GDPR Checklist, Data Inventory, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy
Lawful Processing
Legitimate Interest Assessment Form, Consent Checklist, Opt-In Wording, Marketing Checklist  
Using Processors
Processor Agreement, Stand Alone Processor Clauses, Processor Checklist
Data Transfers
Data Transfer Checklist, Standard Contractual Clauses
Employees Checklist, Employee Privacy Statement
Data Subject Rights
Subject Access Record, Subject Access Request Form, Response To Subject Access Request, SAR Flowchart
Data Security + Breaches
Data Breach Record, Data Breach Checklist, Data Security Video
DPIA Form, Records Retention Policy, DPO Checklist
One Full Year Of Updates   
If there are any changes to guidance or enforcements that impact the documents inside the pack, you’ll have access to the updated documents for the next 12 months.
Hi there, 
I'm Suzanne - here's why you want ME on your legal team!
“I have worked at the top levels with FTSE 100 clients (such as ITV) on billion pound deals, with legendary celebrity entrepreneurs and at the world’s largest law firm, DLA Piper, working on multi-million pound global mergers and acquisitions.

I have also been a board director of a £100m+ turnover company and set up my own legal practice in 2010, and as a result, I am totally commercially minded and entrepreneurial in my outlook (a bit of a rarity for us lawyers…).

I have won loads of awards including the ones shown below and even been included in the Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite in 2009 and 2010.

But what really sets me apart from other lawyers is my understanding of small businesses and the matters that are relevant to them. I have worked with thousands of small businesses over the past 5 years.

I have a unique ability to take complex legal issues and break them down into jargon-free, practical, relevant guidance for small business owners. I make small business law easy for you.
What Others Say About The GDPR Compliance Pack...
Rachel Jacobson
"Suzanne’s GDPR Pack was an absolutely brilliant investment of money for what I have received in exchange.

Not only the content being wide, specific, and valuable, but the saving of time and energy it would have taken me to create these documents from scratch."
"Aside from the pack being great content, I loved how it’s delivered. It feels manageable and makes you sigh with relief. My thinking is why would I spend hours trying to figure it out on my own when I can have an expert to guide me through it and apply it to my business?

I used to work in HR on employment law so I could do it myself but the price of the pack is so reasonable, I rather buy it and focus on building my business."
Ruby McGuire
Bryony Thomas
"I’ve bought the pack for my own business, and also recommended that 11 of our licensees buy it too.
It’s better than what our professional body had provided for us, and they were charging three times as much!

The pack is worth many times what Suzanne is charging. I’m genuinely astounded at the value she is giving us!"
"Think of it this way: how many hours would it take you to read through all the relevant documentation about GDPR to work out exactly what you need to do?

Then, how long would it take you to create and double-check all your own documents until you were sure everything was compliant?

Now compare the cost of those hours with the price of the pack?

For me, it is a complete no-brainer!"
Alice Gardiner
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